What to Expect When You Visit

What to expect when you visit
First, worship begins at 10am.  The service is about an hour in length.

Children are welcome in worship!  
About 10 minutes into the service we have a "Time for Children" when children are invited to come forward for a story time at the front of the sanctuary.  After the Time for Children, a nursery is available on the second and fourth Sundays for children 6 and under but children are also welcome to remain in worship throughout the service.

What to Wear
Most people wear business casual attire but some wear suits and others t-shirts and jeans.  Please feel free to come in clothes you feel comfortable wearing. 

We'll be glad to welcome you!
We believe that everyone who enters here is God's guest.  We'll be glad to welcome you and you will be greeted by several people.  However no one will ask you to stand and introduce yourself and you will not be pointed out during the worship service.  

During worship we sing several hymns--some old and some new.  Please feel free to sing along or simply listen and enjoy the music.  


We celebrate Communion, also called the Lord's Supper or the Eucharist, on the first Sunday of the month.  Communion was instituted by Jesus and is a reminder of his death and resurrection.  Sometimes we celebrate by distribution, which means that plates of bread and juice are passed through the pews, and sometimes we celebrate by intinction, which means that we come to the front of the sanctuary and each receive a piece of bread to dip in a common cup of juice.  You are not obligated to participate but all who believe in Jesus are welcome to share in Communion!

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